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  • I live in Demicia
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is student
  • I am male
  • Blahblahblahrly
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  • Blahblahblahrly

    These two tributes are mine I decided to make my frist game my own tributes. If these two were to battle it out who would win. Well lets take the 7 things into considertion and more so weapons ocash uses daggers and throwing knives. On the other hand Preston. Uses a BIG claymore nither of there weakness apply in this battle sense preston has to rest after kills and and ocash is lazy. hand to hand like i said ocash uses daggers. wont be effective agsent a giant claymore. on the other hand preston does require a lot of energy to lift the heavy sword. swimming sense ocash is a light assassin with little to carry compared to preston with the huge sword. it goes to ocash durabilty preston's all the way the longer he is in battle the angryier an…

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  • Blahblahblahrly

    My Tributes

    May 2, 2012 by Blahblahblahrly

    D5 name:Ace age:14 personality:He is a smart a** which makes him hated by most people.Skills:speed,katanna and survival. Weakness:He is afraid of people bigger then him making him easier to kill if your bigger the him. History:He has two brothers who are previous winners they pick on him and force him to volunteer even though their dad died when he competed.

    D6 Name:Ocash age:14 Personality:He is a trickster who likes to pull pranks on his people from his distrisct.Weakness:he has trouble trusting others,doesn't have much knoledge of building things on few supplies.Skiils:trap placing,throwing knives,hiding. Strategy:steal supplies and don't be seen by other tributes.History:His great great great great grandpa won the hunger games his dad a…

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