Ocash vs. Preston

These two tributes are mine I decided to make my frist game my own tributes. If these two were to battle it out who would win. Well lets take the 7 things into considertion and more so weapons ocash uses daggers and throwing knives. On the other hand Preston. Uses a BIG claymore nither of there weakness apply in this battle sense preston has to rest after kills and and ocash is lazy. hand to hand like i said ocash uses daggers. wont be effective agsent a giant claymore. on the other hand preston does require a lot of energy to lift the heavy sword. swimming sense ocash is a light assassin with little to carry compared to preston with the huge sword. it goes to ocash durabilty preston's all the way the longer he is in battle the angryier and stronger and faster he gets. he out matchs ocash quick and lazy kills. intellengence they are both good assassins but i have to say it goes to ocash sense he comes from 6 and preston was locked in a basement his whole life. battle exp well ocash has hands on approach when preston is just filled with haterd and angry.

so overall:

weapons: ocash for having the range with knives

weakness: doesnt matter.

hand to hand: preston

swimming: ocash

durability: preston

intellengence: ocash

battle exp: ocash

Ocash Wins!

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