My Tributes

D5 name:Ace age:14 personality:He is a smart a** which makes him hated by most people.Skills:speed,katanna and survival. Weakness:He is afraid of people bigger then him making him easier to kill if your bigger the him. History:He has two brothers who are previous winners they pick on him and force him to volunteer even though their dad died when he competed.

D6 Name:Ocash age:14 Personality:He is a trickster who likes to pull pranks on his people from his distrisct.Weakness:he has trouble trusting others,doesn't have much knoledge of building things on few supplies.Skiils:trap placing,throwing knives,hiding. Strategy:steal supplies and don't be seen by other tributes.History:His great great great great grandpa won the hunger games his dad abuses him and he has 3 older sisters and 2 younger sisters.

D5 name:Nome age:15 personality:kind. Weakness:her nervous twitch. Skills:bow an arrow making traps.Stategy:ally with who she thinks can help her.History:She was electricuted when she was helping her parents.

D7 name:Kale age: 17 WOC= dual hand axes weakness:at night she goes into a enraged state killing people even her aliles.Skills:axes. climbing. she comes from a family of all guys makeing her very aressive and well when she was young a wolf attacked her makeing her very angry causeing this rage state however she still gets confused afterwards with major head aches.

D6 Name:Tex age:15 Weapon of choice:any polearm. Weakness: gets side tracked a lot.Extra info:he likes to work in a team very often. He is very honerable he will not attack a unarmed opponeat. he comes from a family of monks he was adopted by them his regular parents died in the hunger games both age 18 he never knew them but trained as a monk even tho his WOC is any polearm he prefers a staff sense thats what he trasined with

D1 Name:John Age:13 Weapon Of Choice:A large hammer. Weakness:he is a big pervert. Skills:strength killing and smashing only with females and doesnt kill if have to. History: his dad works at a blacksmith like his father and his brothers. but his mom and sisters are playboy stars he is a good black smith indeed.

D6 Name: Annie Age: 15 Weapon Of Choice:A mace is her best weapon but she can use any other blunt weapons .Weakness:She has a hard time hiding. Skills:running,killing and good leader. she comes from a family of girly girls that do nothing except be girly. there 4 older and 3 younger girls then annie. her sisters used to pin annie down and give her makeovers and put her in dresses, sense she hates that kind of living!!! she just trains for hunger games and makes bread at the bakery

D7 Name=Tobi Age=14 Weapon Of Choice= Hand to hand combat hates killing from far away he thinks that makes you seem weak. Weaknees:He is afraid of his girls beacause of what his mom and sisters do to him

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